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Delivery/Courier Integrations

Delivery Courier Integrations

To provide your customers a thorough order information, the storefront must be integrated with your backoffice. To provide your customers with important delivery/courier status information, me2c has integrated various 3rd party courier service providers to check and update the processes.

Dynamically chosen between multiple providers, an integration with your warehouse feeds the tracking id to me2c and from there the platform is able to keep track of the order every step of the way, saving you precious implimentation time. Completely able to manage the delivery process for many different endpoints.

The courier integrations not only lets you view the order delivery status but also permits you to dynamically manage delivery costs. Synchronized via webservices the customers can see the delivery costs and durations for their orders in regard to variables such as; location, order size, time of day, chosen delivery service or delivery method.

This way you will be able to let your customers design their own order processes and provide 360 degrees of order information.

The delivery/courier integrations currently avaliable are the following:

  • DHL
  • UPS
  • Royal Mail
  • Aramex
  • MNG
  • PTT